About The Roskell Academy

The Roskell Academy is committed to sharing the knowledge and experience that Penelope Roskell has accumulated over a lifetime of playing and teaching, to benefit future generations of pianists and piano teachers.

The Roskell approach integrates technique and musicianship to help pianists find the freedom they are seeking at the piano, both technically and artistically.  It is founded on well-researched principles of healthy, well-coordinated playing.

Resources which embody this approach include Penelope Roskell’s award-winning book ‘The Complete Pianist, from healthy technique to natural artistry’, her online course for teachers ‘Teaching healthy expressive piano technique’ and the new series of books ‘Penelope Roskell’s Essential Piano Technique’.

In addition to the above print and online resources, The Roskell Academy offers courses and workshops for pianists at all levels and their teachers.  With an ever-broadening group of accredited teachers teaching in-person and online, the Roskell Academy has something to offer pianists of all ages and levels.


About Penelope Roskell:

Penelope Roskell is equally renowned as an outstanding performer of international calibre, and as an inspirational teacher, writer and presenter. Her award-winning book, The Complete Pianist, from healthy technique to natural artistry, was described as ‘an encyclopaedic masterpiece of pianists wisdom’ by The Piano magazine USA.

Penelope Roskell is Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London. She also gives lecture recitals and presentations about her work to institutions worldwide.

She is a world-leading specialist in healthy piano playing and has helped numerous pianists recover from injury.  She works as piano advisor to the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, where she holds a clinic for pianists experiencing tension or injuries.

As a piano soloist, Penelope has played in major concert halls in more than thirty countries.


Click below for a list of teachers who have studied Penelope Roskell’s approach in depth, through individual lessons, the online course on Teaching healthy, expressive piano technique and through practical application of her teaching resources.

Trainee teachers in many different countries are currently working towards accreditation.