Foundations in Piano Technique

Online course for beginner and returning pianists (teenage and adult)

Based on Penelope Roskell’s award-winning book The Complete Pianist, this online course consists of 25 lessons which guide elementary pianists through all the main aspects of piano technique, helping them overcome technical challenges and progress quickly and confidently.

The course covers similar material to Penelope Roskell’s new children’s technique books Essential Piano Technique, but in a style that is more suited to the older learner.

The course is suitable for:

  • teenage or adult beginners who wish to build strong technical foundations
  • adult returners who want to refresh their technique after coming back to the piano after a break
  • more advanced pianists seeking to address specific issues that are holding them back
  • teachers of adult beginners and returners who wish to support their students who are exploring this method

The course can be used by itself or as a complement to other method books, as well as alongside one-to-one or group lessons.

  • A Whole-body Approach – Introduction; Sitting posture; Warming up; Hand position
  • Well-coordinated movements: Understanding the basics; Becoming familiar with the keyboard; Developing freedom of movement at the piano; Playing with ease
  • The fundamental techniques: Strengthening the hand and finger and developing finger control; Scales, broken chords and arpeggios; Playing chords; Coordinating the hands while playing hands together; Rounded movements and rotation
  • Musicality: Creating a beautiful sound, in both detached and legato playing; Playing expressively; Making the piano sing; Creating lively rhythm and pulse
  • Pedalling: How and when to use pedal to add richness to your playing.

The online course features:

  • 25 high quality video lessons with multiple camera angles
  • User- friendly navigation
  • Downloadable worksheets with notes, exercises and pieces with backing tracks
  • Additional examples, extensions and references for more advanced players

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