Penelope Roskell’s
Essential Piano Technique

Penelope Roskell’s
Essential Piano Technique

The Essential Piano Technique series (publ. Edition Peters) has won the Presto Music Best Education Publication of the Year award!

The series draws on the principles of The Complete Pianist to develop a strong foundation of healthy technique in young pianists, helping them to progress rapidly and confidently through the early stages of piano playing.

Serious technique is taught through fun activities with charming illustrations, and imaginative original music and lyrics.  Teacher duet accompaniments provide a rich musical experience.

The books can be used alongside existing theory or method books, or as a stand-alone. Each book includes free videos and detailed teaching tips for teachers.

For an introductory video on the books please click here.

Video for teachers

Penelope has created a one-hour video explaining the rationale behind the new books and how to use them effectively, also demonstrating lots of practical, fun activities teachers can use with their young students. You can watch the recording of the video here.   

Teacher support sessions

During 2024, Penelope will be leading online teacher support sessions for teachers using the Essential Piano Technique books. This will be a great opportunity to meet Penelope and other teachers who are using the books, ask questions and exchange experiences. Sign up to the mailing list to receive news of this opportunity. You can also learn about and book current planned support sessions here.

‘As a way of instilling the basic physical vocabulary of piano playing, Penelope Roskell’s Essential Piano Technique sets the gold standard. This series is a treasure and will be a tremendously useful resource in the studio.’ 

William Westney, author of The Perfect Wrong Note, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Texas Tech University

‘Following the success and acclaim of The Complete Pianist, Penelope Roskell continues to make a vital contribution to piano pedagogy. Her new children’s technique books… lay the crucial foundations for a lifetime of secure technique coupled with immense pleasure at the piano. I cannot recommend them too highly.’

The Cross-eyed Pianist blog

‘I cannot state urgently enough how highly I rate and strongly recommend these three volumes.  Beautifully presented, but modestly priced, they indisputably establish a new benchmark for teaching children a healthy piano technique. Ignoring them is not an option’


‘Revolutionary! These books will transform the way piano is taught in the early stages.’

Jenny Macmillan, Director Suzuki Teacher training course, Cambridge

‘These three new accessible technique books are based on the principles laid out in The Complete Pianist and can be used profitably alongside whatever method or course a student is following …. Any child that heeds Roskell’s advice will develop a strong technical foundation. This is a fantastic set of beginner technique books that will hopefully be followed by further additions to the series.’ 

Michael McMillan, Pianist Magazine

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‘Any child that heeds Roskell’s advice will develop a solid technical foundation. … this is a fantastic set of beginner technique books’. 
Pianist magazine
‘The series is worth its weight in gold’ 
Joanna Garcia, Curious Piano Teachers