Penelope Roskell Speaking & Teaching Engagements


June 2-5 Pianissimi course

May 6-8 Finchcocks course

15 January Lecture-Recital at Fidelio Cafe



Nov 19-21 Jackdaws weekend

Nov 17 Musicians Union Webinar

November 11 Manchester University ‘Healthy Piano Playing’

November 6 Launch of Online ‘Teaching Healthy Expressive Technique’ Course

Oct 28-31 Pianissimi Course

Oct 22-24 Jackdaws Course 

October 16 Lecture Recital at Fidelio Café, London

September 19th Four Day Teachers Course C starts

Sept 15 Concert in Weymouth

Sept 11 Recital at Greenacres

July 29 NCKP Conference :Teaching beginners technique

June 27 PAMA USA ‘The benefits of a multi-disciplinary musicians’ clinic

18th -20th June From Healthy Technique to Natural Artistry at Finchcocks (fully booked – waiting list only)

June 16 BAPAM and RSM ‘Musician’s Hands’ webinar

April 18 Workshop for Tonebase USA on Fingering and Playing chords

27 March Interview and Q&A for Tonebase USA

March 24  and March 29 Online workshops on Foundations of technique and Playing Cantabile

March 16th Music Teachers National Association Conference, Atlanta USA – Piano technique retraining for prevention and recovery

March 8th-12th Cayman Arts Festival

March 4th – Introductory discussion on the Pillars of Technique with Ben Laude

February 3rd Lecture,  Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.

January 24th Webinar EPTA Ireland

January 17th – Four Day Teachers Course B starts

January 3rd -Four Day Teachers Course A starts



End December Launch of ‘The Pillars of Technique’ – series of lessons for Tonebase

November 20th-22nd Three- day advanced piano course (cancelled)

November 21st Workshop on ‘Developing strong technical foundations’ for Informance

November 20th Podcast interview with Tim Topham

November 14th EPTA Portugal National Conference: presentation

November 6th-8th Finchcocks weekend course

October 23 Florida State Music Teachers Association Conference: presentation

October 22nd-25th Pianissimi – course tutor

October 18th European Piano Teachers Association – webinar

October 17th Piano technique workshop online

October 11th London International Piano Festival – lecture recital

August 21st-25th Chethams International Summer School – tutor

August 14th-16th Benslow – weekend course

August 4th-5th Workshops for Finchcocks

July 28th The Exhale – online workshop

July 18th Online Academy: workshop on healthy piano playing

July 15th Video and interview for Curious Piano Teachers

July 5th The Pianists Platform – interview

July 2nd EPTA Netherlands – interview and article

June 14th and June 28 Online technique workshops

June 4th Piano Teaching Success, Australian – online interview

May 19th Online interview for Piano Q&A Live

May 19th-22nd Performing Arts Medicine Association conference (cancelled) – presentation

February 9th European Piano Teachers Competition – adjudicator

February 7th Cardiff University – lecture recital

February 4th-6th Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama – workshops


End 2019 

December 3rd-4th Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama- workshops

November 26th-27th BBC Young Musician  – adjudication