The Complete Pianist

Book Reviews

“An encyclopaedic masterpiece of pianistic wisdom.  I highly recommend The Complete Pianist for every undergraduate and graduate piano major, dedicated piano teacher and any other pianist with a keen desire to improve.”

The Piano Magazine, USA

“This is an extraordinary, universal book which covers virtually everything to do with healthy piano playing, technique and development in less than 600 pages.”

Piano Journal

“The Complete Pianist will become a standard text for years to come.”

Music Teacher

“I have found The Complete Pianist to be an amazingly inspiring treasure, a veritable trove which one will need to dip into often and consistently throughout the teaching year. I do not hesitate to recommend The Complete Pianist to every piano teacher, whether they are just venturing on a career or have been performing that task for a long time.”

Victoria Whittam, EPTA Ireland

The Complete Pianist:
from healthy technique to natural artistry

Winner of the Presto Music Best New Publication Award 2020, The Complete Pianist covers all aspects of piano technique including posture, finger touch and tone production, chords, octaves, rotation, lateral movements. Also included are sections on mental preparation, effective practice, sight reading, memorizing; phrasing, rhythm, articulation, sound, pedalling, injury prevention and performance anxiety.

Containing more than 500 pages of text, 300 videos, performed by Penelope herself, and 250 newly-devised exercises, this is the most comprehensive book every written on piano playing. The book is suitable for pianists of all levels, from beginner-intermediate to professional performers and teachers. 

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