Healthy Piano Playing

Healthy Piano Playing

The Roskell Academy offers training in injury preventive technique as well as individual support for pianists with injuries. 


A healthy piano technique not only avoids injury, it also helps to achieve a more beautiful sound, greater freedom of expression and quicker progress, as well as ensuring a life-long enjoyment of music-making.


If you are a pianist experiencing tension or pain, do not despair. With the right support, most pianists can make a good recovery, even from severe injury.


Penelope Roskell gives advice here
about injury prevention and recovery.
Forearm and hand pain | Thumb pain | Tennis Elbow | Focal Dystonia | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Golfer's Elbow | Osteoarthritis and pianists

Penelope Roskell’s guide to
playing related injuries

Training and support

Short Study Vdeos

Short videos for pianists and teachers
showing how to improve aspects
of your performance and technique.