Certification in the Roskell Method

in the Roskell Method

Certification for teachers of
Advanced Level Students
(Grade 7 and above)
Completion Requirements

Minimum pre-requirements

a) An understanding of the basic principles explained in The Complete Pianist.

b) Applicants will normally be expected to have passed the assessment for Elementary and Intermediate levels. If you only teach advanced students, please state this in your enquiry message below. 

c) Completion of at least ONE of the following courses:

  1. ‘Teaching healthy, expressive piano technique’ Online Course 
  2. ‘Foundations in Piano Technique’ Online Course
  3. An equivalent 1 day Essential Piano Technique live workshop with Penelope

To be submitted in advance:

 1. Two written case studies (of approx. 1000 words each)  of students of Grade 6 level or above (or equivalent) of contrasting age/level/learning style who you have taught using some of the Roskell technical exercises for a minimum of six months.

Please note that these case studies will be assessed on the quality of the ideas expressed, not on accurate use of English language. 

  1. Name of student (can be a pseudonym)
  2. Age of student
  3. Level
  4. How long have you taught the student for?
  5. What were the student’s main difficulties?
  6. What additional material did you use?
  7. Which exercises did you find most useful for this student? And why?
  8. Which exercises did they find most difficult? Why do you think that was?  Did you manage to resolve those difficulties?  If not, how do you plan to work on these techniques in the future?
  9. How did you put these techniques into practice in a musical context? Did the exercises benefit the student musically as well as technically?
  10. Did the student enjoy working on the techniques?
  11. Did the student give a performance or enter an exam? Were they pleased with their performance?
  12. What might you achieve better next time?

2. A video recording (preferably in English, French or Italian) of two lessons showing you teaching two advanced students relevant technique (approx. ten minutes).

3. Short video recordings of two students playing advanced level pieces (or sections from pieces) discussed in your case studies (maximum 7 minutes)

The video recordings must be uploaded at least as a private video to YouTube. Please ensure that you have written and signed consent from the adult student or parent/guardian for under 18s to use the video for this purpose. Public videos are also accepted but please ensure you have the necessary additional consent. For guidance on uploading videos to YouTube please click here. If you need additional help please contact [email protected]. You will need to provide links to the recordings. 

4. Evidence of advanced qualification or a recorded performance by you of a piece of LTCL or equivalent level (up to about seven minutes)


Teachers who have studied the Roskell method in detail and applied the methods to their teaching are eligible to apply for the Certification process.  This process encourages teachers to explore the Roskell Method in greater depth. Candidates can choose to enter for:

1) Elementary Level teaching (Beginner to Grade 3)

2) Intermediate and Beginner level teaching (Beginner to Grade 6)

3) Additional Certification for teaching students at an advanced level (Grade 7 and above)

The Assessment:

A 30 minute online live Interview with Penelope Roskell in which you will be asked to:

  1. Demonstrate teaching three exercises chosen at random from The Complete Pianist.   
  2. Answer questions on aspects of teaching at advanced level as discussed in the online course ‘Teaching healthy, expressive piano technique’, in The Complete Pianist or in your case studies.

Candidates will be expected to have a print or digital copy of The Complete Pianist available during the interview.

The online assessment with Penelope can take place at any time, at a date and time to suit both (at least one month’s notice is required).  Recordings will need to be submitted at least one week prior to the assessment date.


On successful completion of this assessment, you will receive a feedback report and a Certificate confirming your qualification to teach the Roskell method at Advanced Level.  

Your name and contact details will be include in Penelope’s public list of Certified piano teachers for the specified level.

A digital Certification Logo with your name and Certification Level will be provided for you to use on your website/in marketing as you wish.

You will receive exclusive discounts for future Roskell Academy Events and Courses.

Fee for assessment: £150

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